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12:30 - 13:30 Uhr

Treffpunkt: Museum für Geschichte, Kassa
Kosten: 2,50 € exkl. Eintritt
Ort: Ausstellung 03, OG1 Räume A101-A113

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As part of SHOWING STYRIA, the History Museum explores historical landscapes, spaces and architectures. History in its spatial dimension is complex, and reaches into the present. We invite you to a tour through the history of Styria—from early times to the recent past. Its focus is the constant interplay between humans and nature. This can be seen right across the region, whether it is in the construction of medieval castles in western Styria, the planned villages of southeastern Styria, or the development of Donawitz in Upper Styria into a huge industrial area around 1900. We also take a look at Styria’s spaces of power, law, economy and faith, and examine the functionality and historicity of architecture ranging from the fortified tabor through to the fitted kitchen.

Museum für Geschichte


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