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The mobile pavilion, as the travelling branch of the new, major ‘Regional Exhibition’, can be visited in Vienna and at four locations in Styria. In a monumental video installation covering 800 square metres, an analysis of the present in Styria is shown, exclusively presented in moving images and titled ‘who we are. Art, Diversity, Landscape.‘ Participating are 78 artists, as well as personalities from the fields of art, literature, composition, directing and acting.

‘As part of SHOWING STYRIA, the mobile pavilion as a travelling branch of the Universalmuseum Joanneum re-defines the format of provincial exhibitions. Covering the various regions of the province, using a large-format panorama of films and moving images, it tells of Styria as a province of art, which manifests itself as an essential component in all areas of life.’

Alexander Kada, Astrid Kury
Designers, curators, mobile pavilion


mobile pavilion

‘who we are. Art  Diversity  Landscape


Wien: 08.04.-18.04.2021

Hartberg: 08.05.-04.06.2021

Spielberg: 05.07.-25.07.2021

Schladming: 14.08.-05.09.2021

Bad Radkersburg: 25.09.-31.10.2021



The 24 artistic contributions in the "Styria Panorama" can be seen on the 50-metre panorama screen in the mobile pavilion. The focus is on the landscapes of Styria. The cinematic contributions are commissioned works.

Artists: Catrin Bolt, Helwig Brunner, Chien-Chi Chang, Christian Eisenberger, Manfred Erjautz, Matthias Forenbacher, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Anita Fuchs, Julia Gaisbacher, Michael Goldgruber, Fatema Hamidi, Andreas Heller, Ulrike Königshofer, Anna K. Laggner, Claudia Larcher, Lukas Marxt, Christoper Mavrič, Susanne Miggitsch, Olga Neuwirth, Georg Oberhumer, Erwin Polanc, Werner Reiterer, Katharina Swoboda, Lea Titz, Total Refusal (Susanna Flock, Adrian Jonas Haim, Robin Klengel, Jona Kleinklein, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf), Jakub Vrba, Stefanie Weberhofer, Anita Witek, Karl Wratschko, zweintopf (Eva Pichler, Gerhard Pichler)


The project ‘VOICES OF STYRIA - Central positions from the art and culture scene’ explores questions of origin, of private and artistic localisation. What role is played by the places we come from, where we live and work? What relationship do artists who either live locally or are no longer in Styria have to their home region? 31 well-known figures from the fields of visual art, literature, directing, acting and composition tell of their connection to Styria in short video statements realised especially for SHOWING STYRIA. The videos offer a visualisation of different approaches, opinions and attitudes.

Contributors: Herbert Brandl, Gerald Brettschuh, Günter Brus, Olga Flor, Barbara Frischmuth, Valerie G. Fritsch, Gertrude Grossegger, Reinhard P. Gruber, Georg Friedrich Haas, Nikolaus Habjan, Pia Hierzegger, Reni Hofmüller, Bodo Hell, Elfriede Jelinek, Claudia Klučarić, Renate Kordon, Richard Kriesche, Branko Lenart, Berndt Luef, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Michael Ostrowski, Fritz Panzer, Nicole Pruckermayr, Gerhard Roth, Ferdinand Schmalz, Johannes Silberschneider, Peter Simonischek, Jorrit Tornquist, Gustav Troger, Manfred Willmann, Erwin Wurm


Other participants: Natascha Gangl, Christoph Grill, Heiko Kienleitner, Ninja Reichert, Martin Pollack, Matija Schellander, Aleš Šteger, studio ASYNCHROME (Marleen Leitner, Michael Schitnig), Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Fränk Zimmer



Alexander Kada (Head) with Carmen Bilweis, Romina Gollob, Carina Höglinger, Verena Pöschl, Alexandra Riewe

Akademie Graz
Astrid Kury (Head) with Heidi Oswald, Birgit Prack, Elke Riedlberger



Idea and realisation: Alexander Kada (Kadadesign/Kadaconcept)
Architecture: Bettina Zepp (Architekturbüro Zepp)
Günther Baumgartner (Baumgartner Lichtwerbung GmbH)
Martin Lengauer (Wartecker)
Christoph Loidl (Mit Loidl oder Co GmbH)
Wolfgang Raunjak (Raunjak Intermedias)
Spantech International SA/NV



Curator: Astrid Kury (Akademie Graz)
Curatorial collaboration: Martin Behr, Lea Titz
Exhibition design: Alexander Kada with Carina Höglinger (Kadadesign/Kadaconcept)
Film realisation: Markus Haslinger (XX Kunstkabel)
Technique: Christoph Loidl (Mit Loidl oder Co GmbH), Georg Peinhaupt (Videotechnik), Christoph Scherrer (Scherrer Veranstaltungstechnik)
Speaker: Ninja Reichert (Recording: Nicolas Noriller)
Sound signature: Fränk Zimmer


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