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From what is current, the possible and the impossible are made tangible, as are distant or not so distant developments, which can form a community of the future in a multi-dimensional way: building with wood, mycelium or demolition materials, sustainable packaging, education that spans schools, learning with VR, ecological management, the economy of the common good, co-determination/participation and the role of art and culture ... Thus, the exhibition ‘what will be’ does not show the one far-off utopia or one possible blueprint for an ideal society. It sketches futures. In the plural.

‘The starting point of the Kunsthaus exhibition is the current situation in Styria. The examples shown reveal just how closely the region is interconnected with other parts of the world in terms of culture, science, technology and the economy. The Kunsthaus highlights the polyphonic and diverse nature of Styria, a region living and thriving on exchange with others.’

Barbara Steiner
Director, Kunsthaus Graz


‘Major challenges such as the climate crisis, digitalisation and the distancing of our society can only be solved in dialogue and respectful exchange with each other. These issues touch all of our lives. 'Towards a Plurality of Futures' opens up a platform for encounters. The exhibition traces multiple perspectives on innovation and adaptation, on new and old forms of social structures, on education, distribution and use—an invitation to form fresh opinions and rethink our own position.’

Katrin Bucher Trantow
Chief Curator, Kunsthaus Graz


‘Natural resources are finite, yet our use of them is not always responsible. Artists and researchers, entrepreneurs and activists are currently developing speculative, innovative and possible futures around this great challenge. The show at the Kunsthaus Graz presents an interconnected array of the richly diverse positions found in the specific context of Styria.’

Martin Grabner
Assistant Curator, Kunsthaus Graz


Kunsthaus Graz

‘what will be. Towards a Plurality of Futures.’

Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz


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